Website Content Copy Writing


Website content is really much more inportant than anything else, even more important than the design of your website.

Optimize Website Contents Copy Writing

Amazing looking websites with all the bells and whistles are cool, but good, fresh content in the real Internet world is much more important, especially if you want to sell something – your product or your company or a service. Or if you want to build a brand.

Most search engines will give you high rankings because of high quality, well written original content that  is updated regularly. This will bring organic visitors to your site.

By organic I don't mean people in Birkenstocks and unbleached hemp outfits - I mean people will come - naturally via the search engines if all the other elements of your website and web writing are in line. You won't have to go and hustle them

Successful Website has the Perfect Balance

A successful website has the perfect balance. Website content writing should be optimized in order to attract visitors, but it should also provide those visitors with real value.

You will find very few web pages at the top of Google rankings with bad writing. Don't get so caught up in the usual SEO sacred cows and bugbears, like PageRank, frames, and JavaScript, that you forget about your site's content.

Search Engines Only Read Words

A wonderful looking site, with great graphics and little or badly written copy will do nothing for you. You could use it as a brochure, but the search engines, won’t even see it.

Search engines only read words. They don’t read pictures that is why website content writing should be at the top of your list.

And if you have great photos and videos, which is where the trends are taking us, make sure they have amazing, keyword rich captions and headings.

Quality Website Copy writing

At eThekwini Website Factory we specialize in providing website content that contains all of the essential ingredients to make your site really work for you and that really build your brand. You need copy that immediately appeals to your audience and has the right balance of optimised keywords to attract the search engines and interest, educate and entertain your readers.

We know that your online success is heavily dependent on the quality of your web copy writing. We can provide that specialized service. We can provide you will well-researched content that develops high traffic. (We provide this service in English and isiZulu)

Contact us today for a no obligation quote or consultation on your content requirements.