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 How to Get Found on the internet and Drive More Quality Traffic to your Website

"If you build it, they will come" does not apply to Web sites, it may be a catchy phrase for a shopping mall in a built up area. And though it may sound crazy, marketing your website is even more important as designing and building it. I have seen so many wonderful websites just sitting there, with out of date stories and pictures, dropping down in the ratings and page views because they aren't being updated or marketed.

It’s like that old story about what good is it winking at a pretty girl in the dark…

Promoting a Website is Ongoing

Once your website is up and it is live, it needs to be marketed, both online and offline.

Promoting a website is an ongoing, integrated approach that needs skills, strategy and organisation in order to produce results.

At eThekwini Website Factory we all spend a lot of time on the Internet and have many years of experience in Internet marketing, so let us help you with your e-marketing strategies.

  Corporate Newsletter

The corporate newsletter is the cornerstone of the e-marketing strategy. It must appear regularly and it must uphold the integrity of your brand.

It is really important to establish up front what the primary business objectives are for your newsletter. Do you want to use it to increase sales, to promote products or services, to develop and awareness of your business, to recruit members? It can be all these and more if you are clear in your communication and reliable in your delivery. You also need to determine how interactive you want to make your newsletter, if you want calls to action or not..

Newsletters can be set up in various formats and styles (design and technical) that suite the customer and the recipients.

As Joomla is a contents management system (CMS), the newsletter can be managed and sent out from the website. 

Social Media

If you really want your website to take off, you need to invest in social bookmarking. But manual social bookmarking takes a lot of time, so we will do it for you. You see, the main advantage of social bookmarking submissions is that almost all major search engines like Google rank your page based upon the number of sites your content is posted on. So if you appear on Digg and Facebook and Technorati and MySpace and Orkut and Dropjack. and Twitter

Each social web site is examined for content and audience, so that only the most relevant posts are made on your behalf to the social bookmarking site. Because all bookmarking web sites require registration, spam links cannot be generated to or from your web site. However, we place the most relevant permanent one way links to your web site.




I want to say that only twits don't tweet. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that serves many purposes - it increases your online visibility and is great for networking; it helps you promote your website/blog/ articles and it keeps you on your toes because you can keep an eye on trends and what's happening.


logs are a great way to drive traffic to a website. We understand that maintaining a blog is often a tiresome business for a business manager or CEO, so we will do it for you. We will set up a blog for you and run it, in close consultation with you, the client with regards to contents.

Because Blogs are written in first person they can also take on a different tone - they can be an opnionion or a perspective that is often not possible to convey on a business website.

Blogs are Written in First Person

Most of the search engines really like Blogs and will "crawl" them before they crawl websites. Blogs are the best way for people and/or organizations to have their own voice on the web, written in first person. Information posted on a blog is spidered much faster by the search engines than that on a website.

The most popular free blogging software can be found at Blogger and Wordpress.

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