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Some of us tend to get more personal than others, but as I do most of the web writing, I need to get to know my clients, so it's only fair that they get to know something about me. I work from home in Durban, South Africa with two Persian cats to keep me company - I keep them shaved down most of the time for comfort (theirs and mine).I also have two tropical fish tanks.

When I’m not working, I sleep or read – usually crime/murder/ legal thrillers. I also read plenty of newspapers and magazines. I enjoy going out for lunch or walking on the beach. I watch a lot of TV – the 24 hour rolling news channels are almost always on. I alternate between CNN, Sky and Al Jazeera. I like playing on the Net as well- I have a wide network of Facebook friends and I’m active on quite a few other social networking websites. I enjoy traveling overseas, where I do very much the same as here; I take pictures, write, sleep and read – just in a different environment. (Oh, and I like beer and pizza!)