Writing for the Web Course at SA Writers' College


Proven Principles of Website Writing

I have tried to pack in as much as I possible into the ten modules where I deal with proven principles of website writing, and how to help online visitors find the information they want, navigate your site and stay on your site.

Besides the one-on-one feedback with students after every assignment, I have set up a blog in order to have a more interactive platform to teach and to learn.

Writing for the web is a new skill ( well relatively new for most South Africans) that we all have to learn to do well, because it will not be long before we will need to be able to communicate via blogs, websites, and social networks in order to survive in the marketplace. And if we try to approach web writing by writing as we do on paper, we will always behind the curve. 

Check out SA Writers' College - besides my courses they have an amazing range of courses with working professional tutors like me who are able to teach our students the practical inside "tricks of the trade".

Facebook for Business

How many of you use Facebook for Business? I think many people who want to promote their businesses on Facebook end up simply spamming their friends. When you want to use Facebook for Business, you can do many things:

  • keep your friends separate from your other “friends” with the privacy settings
  • set up a fan page and use it creatively
  • use Groups and Fan Pages well and use Facebook Advertising.


Blogging, What is a Blog? Create a Blog, How to Blog

For those who have blogs, they probably think I am nuts, after all they know how to write a blog post.

Others have heard about blogs; their friends tell them “it’s easy” and they go to Blogger or Wordpress and mess around a bit and give up. Alternatively, they get a Blog set up but it just does not look that great and it is such a hassle, and they decide it probably is not worth the time and effort anyway.

In my Writing for the Web Course at SA Writers College, I help my students set up a Wordpress.com blog and they have to run it successfully (with my guidance for three months). After that they should be well on their way. They can then go on to set up any kind of blog they like and blog for profit or for fun.

So, if you want to know more about me, browse around my site , if you want to see an outline of the Writing for the Web course and /or enroll, please contact SA Writers College .