Tate Modern Embraces Street Artists, Durban Scorns Them


Artists include Blu from Bologna in Italy, the artist collective Faile from New York, and Sixeart from Barcelona. The will be transforming the Tate Modern Museum in central London.

Street Art Walking Tour at Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is also offering a 'Street Art Walking Tour' of London and an interactive evening with experimental New York artists Graffiti Research Lab, using graffiti light projections to 'reface' the Tate.

A free event as part of Tate Modern’s Street Art exhibition curated and promoted by young people encourages youth across South London to work with New York artists Graffiti Research Lab to mark the building with light projections. ‘Tate Studio’ is a free event with a vibrant line up of street artists, bands, and DJs.

Young people have invited experimental and award-winning New York artists Graffiti Research Lab, who will reface Tate Modern with a spectacle of light projections. Young people will be able to create their own digital street art instantly scaled up and projected onto London’s largest modern art gallery.

Self Styled Expert Tries to Press the 2010 "Panick Button"

Back in Durban, the mood is defiant on the side of the taggers and exasperated on the side of the authorities.

The city’s self-styled graffiti expert Gary Roper, says "taggers" are going to increasingly brazen lengths to deface public property.

In an article earlier this year in afternoon paper, the Daily News, Roper pressed what he hoped to be the panic button proclaiming that he believes taggers, determined to find acclaim within the graffiti community, could tarnish the city’s 2010 ambitions.

"I am seeing fresh tags on a daily basis. Durban has no idea of the magnitude of graffiti vandalism we have on our hands," Roper said.

"I have visited many train stations and have found ticket booths are so badly covered in spray paint that you have to talk to the person through the gap in the glass, as you cannot see the ticket seller."

nsa.jpg City Manager Says Durban has Less Graffiti than European Cities

City Manager, Dr Michael Sutcliffe, added some perspective saying that Durban sported less graffiti than many European cities, including Rome. However, he did urge parents to take responsibility for their children and warned that defacing public property is a crime.

Grafitti Removal Services (GRS)

Well, as this story unfolded I wondered why Roper was so vhemendt in his condemnation of street art. The Daily News Article haad a website address for residents who wanted to join an anti-graffiti campaign. When I went there it was the website for GRS.

I see that the Ropers, Gary and Lynn are the KwaZulu-Natal contact people for GRS – Graffiti Removal Services – what I don’t understand is why they want to stop people from tagging – after all they make a living removing igrafitti– or do they feel that this inflammatory talk is just going to send the street artists out in defiance to put more paint on walls? It is quite puzzling.

I guess we'll read the results of how the city deals with this issue... well, on the walls.