About Us


A Collective of Writers, Designers, Photographers

eThekwini Website Factory in Durban, South Africa is a collective of writers, designers, photographers, technogeeks, bloggomanics and others who have an interest in writing, creating, marketing, teaching and just generally doing a range of Internet stuff.

We team up in different combinations according to the needs and requirements of our clients. And we can do it in English and isiZulu.

Our Approach

Building a website in 2010 is nothing like it used to be. Today, the majority of visitors to your site will come from search engines.

The Top Three - Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing)  refer more than 90% of all search engine traffic.

Our Approach is Organic at Ethekwini Website Factory

At eThekwini Website Factory, the approach we take with our clients' websites is completely organic, free from black hat tricks that can get your website penalized or banned from the search results. Our approach will ultimately create a higher quality site that will not only garner traffic from the search engines, but will make your site optimized for years to come, regardless of how search engine algorithms change.

We also take into account the particular needs of our client and help them integrate the website into their marketing mix.

Our organic search engine optimization process works as follows:

  • We attract hundreds of links to your site naturally, causing it to rank at the top of the search engines.
  • We build (or rebuild) your website from scratch, filling it with captivating, original content that is optimized for both user experience and ranking highly in search engine results.
  • We update you with the latest news and rumors in the search engine optimization industry

In this era of e-commerce, where a small business can reach thousands of customers instantaneously without the involvement of a single human being, quality website copy can make or break a company.

Content Must be Interesting and Informative and Fresh

Not only does the content have to be interesting, informative and lure the customer into reading on, it has to be optimized for better placement in search engine results. Content also has to be fresh. Search engines constantly look for new content.

We install Google analytics for our clients so that they can monitor the progress on their websites; so that they can see where their traffic comes from and what keywords are being used to find them via the search engines.

Essential to Keep your Website Relevant

It soon becomes clear that it is essential to keep your website fresh and topical to keep it relevant with the search engines and to keep your rankings high.

Either you find a professional creative writer who specializes in your field of business, or you hire a search engine optimization firm to produce keyword-targeted content.

At eThekwini Website Factory you are lucky, because we can do it all. We can help you wordsmith your copy or create fresh copy. Just give us a call and lets talk about it.